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Our team has 5 yers of experience in CRM and database administration.


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Bogdan Georgescu

PHP Software Developer

20 years of experience in PHP and webdesign.

Jennifer Rose

Software Sales Manager

Sales, sales and of course, sales. 15 years on B2B market.

Valentin Boca

Java Developer

Providing all your jobs on java solutions.


Our company has 5 years of experience in CRM and data base administration


PunktCRM develops easier, smarter and affordable enterprise-class IT solutions for businesses. Our solutions enable IT administrators to easily and efficiently discover, manage and secure their business networks, systems, applications and communications wherever they exist. PunktCRM is committed to its customers worldwide to deliver the trusted expertise, right-sized and smartly engineered IT solutions with a strong focus on security excellence. PinktCRM is a channel-focused company applying CRM solution on any enterprise demands.

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We could not be more satisfied with the products and services of the PunktCRM platform. The program provides us with everything we need for proper accounting, inventory, reporting and tracking of sales items. Most important to us is the level of service we receive to work thru our situations and their desire to make it right for us. Their people make the difference.


Web Developer
PunktCRM is by far one of the best & most innovative software companies to work with. They are always available and provide great assistance with any issues that come up. I've never worked with a company that is so open-minded and responsive to our feedback. Anytime I have a request for the software they do the best they can to accommodate me & even if they can't accommodate the request, they still follow up with an answer in a timely matter. I have complete confidence in the software and would recommend PunktCRM to anyone in the development software industry!


Using CRM helped us quickly generate timing exception constraints that improved the timing on our business by 30% after synthesis and placement into the platform PunktCRM.


CEO Conference

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